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BLVCK Supplement’s XPLODE is the all-in-one, non-stimulant, pump promoting pre-workout. XPLODE induces a nitric oxide response within the body to produce skin-ripping pumps, vascularity, fullness, mental focus, strength, and energy. The main ingredient of XPLODE, L-Carnitine is an essential amino acid that enhances fat loss, muscle mass, and overall health.

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DƎNSITY is an all-in-one protein fortified, Milk Chocolate Flavoured Vitamin D Supplement; the most innovative Vitamin D Product available. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin existing in several forms. Cholecalciferol, the main source of this product, is the most active form of Vitamin D. The main function of Vitamin D is to maintain normal calcium and phosphorus in the body by increasing absorption of this essential vitamin. DƎNSITY increases fat burning, weight loss, reduces depression, helps maintain a healthy immune system, increases protein synthesis, reduces the risk of cancer and promotes cell growth.


DƎNSITY Supports:

  • Bone and Muscle Function
  • Fat Burning & Weight Loss
  • Cognitive Ability
  • Mental Sharpness
  • Protein Synthesis
  • Disease & Cancer Protection (Reduces risk by up to 60%)
  • Healthy Immune System
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BLVCK Supplement’s COLLΛGEN is an all-in-one protein fortified, Milk Chocolate Flavoured Collagen Supplement; the best tasting Collagen product available.

BLVCK Supplement’s COLLΛGEN contains a hydrolyzed fish bone collagen which is the purest you can find; it contains Type I and III Collagen. Hydrolyzed fish bone collagen is absorbed in the body 1.5x faster than any other source available! Collagen is the main protein that holds our bodies together, it provides support for our hair, ligaments, organs, tendons, bones, and cartilage. COLLΛGEN contains many amino acids including; glycine, alanine, hydroxyproline, proline, arginine and glutamic acid. BLVCK Supplement’s COLLΛGEN also boosts metabolism, increases muscle mass and creates a higher energy output.



BLVCK Supplement’s BUЯN is an all-in-one natural digestive enzyme.

Do you hate the taste of apple cider vinegar but want to reap all its benefits? Now in pill form, we no longer have to endure the burn of the vinegar! Stronger than ever, BUЯN contains digestive enzymes, apple cider vinegar, and pineapple extract to suppress your appetite, speed up your metabolism, remove toxins from the body, decrease inflammation and prevent chronic diseases. BUЯN will help you burn more fat and control your food intake.