Do you feel tired? Are you always drained? Are you not getting any results in the gym? Do you want to lose fat and gain lean muscle mass? 

Eurycoma longifolia is a medicinal plant commonly known as Tongkat Ali (TA). Tongkat Ali has been traditionally known as the “Malaysian Ginseng”. Modern supplements use TA to increase sports performance, energy and weight loss. Previously TA was also known to increase natural free testosterone, reduce fatigue, increase libido and improve overall well-being. 

In both men and women, testosterone increases lean muscle mass, reduces body fat, increases physical and mental energy, and overall well-being.

Eurycoma contains a group of small peptides called eurypeptides, which are known to have effects of raising energy states and sex drive. The effects of Tongkat Ali stimulate increased testosterone levels, by creating an increasing release rate of natural free testosterone from it’s binding hormone, “sex-hormone-binding-globulin (SHBG)”. Thus, increasing testosterone levels in the human body. This makes Tongkat Ali particularly useful for individuals trying to diet for weight loss, suffering from depression or fatigue, and intense-training athletes.

Tongkat Ali Extracts

Glycerin-alcohol extracts have been proven to be extremely safe at high doses and long-term usage.

Properly extracted Eurycoma longifolia roots contain a bitter taste due to the presence of quassinoids – which are known as the most bitterest compounds in nature. Tongkat Ali extracts that do not have a bitter taste are claimed to be fake, creating low efficacy. 

Are you interested in the science? 

“Animal studies have shown that many of the effects of the extract are mediated by its glycoprotein components [14]. The mechanism of action of the bioactive complex polypeptides (“eurypeptides” with 36 amino acids) has 

been shown to activate the CYP17 enzyme (17 alpha-hydroxylase and 17,20 lyase) to enhance the metabolism of pregnenolone and progesterone to yield more DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) and androstenedione, respectively [29]. This glycoprotein water-soluble extract ofEurycoma longifolia has been shown to deliver anti-aging and anti-stress benefits subsequent to its testosterone-balancing effects [41, 42].” (Talbott, S et. Al, 2013).

A study found that daily supplementation with tongkat ali root extract improves the stress hormone profile (increased testosterone; lower cortisol) and certain mood parameters (less confusion, anger, and tension). It has been noted in many human trial studies that Tongkat Ali can shield against detrimental effects of chronic stress from dieting for weight loss, daily stressors, sleep deprivation, and intense training. 

“In two recent studies of young men undergoing a weight-training regimen [43, 44] tongkat ali supplementation (100 mg/day) improved lean body mass, 1-RM strength, and arm circumference to a significantly greater degree compared to a placebo group” (Talbott, S et. Al, 2013).

In men with low testosterone levels (average age; 51 years old) one month of tongkat ali supplementation, resulted in an increase of serum testosterone levels and quality of life parameters. The study suggested that Tongkat ali was an adaptogen against age-related stress. 

“One study of middle-aged women (aged 45–59 years) found that twice-weekly strength training plus 100 mg/day of Eurycoma longifolia extract for 12 weeks enhanced fat free mass to a greater degree compared to women adhering to the same strength training program and taking a placebo [44]. Additional studies in dieters [48, 49, 50] and athletes [47] have shown 50-100 mg/day of tongkat ali extract to help restore normal testosterone levels in supplemented dieters (compared to a typical drop in testosterone among non-supplemented dieters) and supplemented athletes (compared to a typical drop in non-supplemented athletes).” (Talbott, S et. Al, 2013).

“In one trial of endurance cyclists [47] cortisol levels were 32% lower and testosterone levels were 16% higher in supplemented subjects compared to placebo, indicating a more favorable biochemical profile for promoting an “anabolic” hormone state.” (Talbott, S et. Al, 2013).

“For a dieter, it would be expected for cortisol to rise and testosterone to fall following several weeks of dieting [54]. This change in hormone balance (elevated cortisol and suppressed testosterone) is an important factor leading to the familiar “plateau” that many dieters hit (when weight loss slows/stops) after 6–8 weeks on a weight loss regimen. By maintaining normal testosterone levels, a dieter could expect to also maintain their muscle mass and metabolic rate (versus a drop in both subsequent to lower testosterone levels) – and thus continue to lose weight without plateauing.” (Talbott, S et. Al, 2013)

Results have indicated that daily supplementation with Tongkat Ali root extract has evidently shown improvement in the stress hormone profile, and certain mood state parameters in individuals. The remedy is known to be ancient and an effective supplement to shield the body from chronic stress, day-to-day stress, as well as stress from sleep deprivation, training, dieting and exercise.

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