BLVCK Supplements was created with one motive in mind - to help you achieve a healthy mind & body the natural way. We are approaching fitness and bodybuilding with a completely different way than your regular supplements brand. We use a holistic approach because our supplements are derived from plant roots and natural herbs, to keep your body at its most optimal levels at all times.


If you have never heard of Tongkat Ali extract, you are probably wondering what makes this root so powerful. It is an ancient root found in the soils of Malaysia. There has been many scientific articles that have proven the benefits of this supplement. We are one of the first companies in North America that supply authentic Tongkat Ali extract.


Tongkat Ali is also known as Long Jack. This root is native to Indonesia and Malaysia, but often found in Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos as well. The root of this plant has been used in folk medicine throughout south east Asia for hundreds of years. Tongkat Ali has many beneficial effects such as increasing metabolism, fat loss, lean muscle mass, focus, mood & much more!


Our company has gathered tremendous amounts of scientific research and evidence supporting the benefits of Tongkat Ali root. Such research supports the fact the this plant will offer an athletic advantage for any individual - it will assist in maintaining a healthy lifestyle with added overall performance.

We believe a holistic approach benefits both the average person to the top performing athlete. By using natural products the body responds well to long term usage with minimal negative effects while optimising peak performance levels.

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